Growth Stages

Why Millennial Capital


Invests in consumer sector targeting high growth categories: wellness, beauty, footwear, accessories, packaged food, hospitality

Investment Credentials

Brings a cumulative experience of 200+ years of investment expertise in the GCC region into private ventures

Investment Positioning

Targets venture and growth capital opportunities by creating a portfolio of high growth and yield companies in emerging markets

Investment Risk

Mitigates business risk by partnering with robust companies managed by strong management teams with an existing track record in operations

Retail Ventures

Partnered with KRUZIN Footwear, a globally emerging brand which we successfully introduced in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and South Africa since 2016

Consumer Ventures

Established Millennial Wellness in 2018 which aims to partner with locally owned and managed brands in the medical spa and aesthetic treatments category

Consumer-focused venture capital firm

Retails Investments


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Independent Directors

Investment   Advisory

Consumer Investments

Investment Strategy

Millennial Capital is a specialist investment and management firm which provides growth capital to emerging consumer companies during the growth phase. A typical brand, during roll-out or growth phase, is well positioned to absorb financial investment and provide a cash positive and high growth value proposition due to its high ROI of c. 12%. Growth Stages Our successful and proven venture capital model addresses key operational and growth pillars to enable Millennial Capital and partner companies to succeed in GCC and other emerging markets. Specifically, we asses our partnerships through the following criteria:
            •      Business model during the growth/roll out phase, having successfully developed a proven operating model in one country
            •      Experienced management team with deep functional knowledge and expertise
            •      Profitable operations with a reported gross profit margin of 65%+
            •      Brands operating in high growth categories such as footwear and accessories, wellness, beauty and personal care, travel and hospitality
            •      Product and/or service price positioning targeting middle to high income consumers