Millennial Capital closes USD 3 million seed round for retail and consumer products investment strategy

VC firm Millennial Capital announced at the end of last month that it has launched a retail and ​consumer ​products ​investment ​structure, targeting the​ ​development of franchisees and/or acquisition of high growth brands operating in emerging markets, including the GCC​.
The firm successfully​ ​concluded seed capital-raising of USD 3 million​ from regional investors, includ​ing family offices, corporates and HNWIs. The specialist investment firm, established by Andreea Danila, is in final stages of acquiring two leading retail brands operating in key categories such as lifestyle cosmetics, organic beauty and foods, ​and footwear. ​As a result of its deployment strategy, the firm aims to distribute a double-digit dividend starting from​ 2018​ and realize a significant capital appreciation.
The firm also aims to capitalise on fundamental shifts in the demand for consumer services that target millennials and high-end shoppers, which provide key opportunities for the emergence of specialist brands looking to gain market share in growth markets such as the Middle East and Africa.
Andreea Danila, founder and managing director said: “Our investment approach focuses on partnering with brands that are in the roll-out phase and require capital and local expertise to successfully enter ​and grow in ​​international markets​. During the last 16 months, we have ​tested and ​proven our investment thesis with the introduction of the KRUZIN Footwear franchise in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and South Africa. Our forward-looking shareholders evaluated our solid financial track record​,​ execution skills and endorsed our​ business model with the ​capitalisation of the seed round​.​”
Millennial Capital Ltd is supported by a team of 10 professionals from investment and fundraising backgrounds, retail operations along with a respected board of directors.