Urban luxury sneaker brand set for GCC foray

Kruzin, an urban luxury sneaker brand, is all set to mark its step into the GCC next month and the UAE will be first to welcome the brand in the region, its top official says.

The funding solution to SMEs in MENA

The USD 2.9 trillion GDP MENA economy has witnessed momentous volatility over the last decade given its high dependence to oil revenues, including the financial crisis of 2008 and the Arab Spring in 2010-11.

Spas in UAE: a nice stretch

Remember the next time when you lean on a chair after a hard day’s work, or simply decide to have a day off, just grab your smartphone and check for the nearest spa in your vicinity and have some ‘me-time’.

GCC retailers need omni-channel strategy

Retailers operating in the GCC, and international players thinking of entering the GCC market, are fast becoming aware that they can’t afford to overlook the benefits of having an omni-channel strategy.

Digital Transformation In Banking And Financial Services in UAE

There has been a very focused shift in the global banking scene towards increased digitization with a minimized branch interface. Retail banks in the region are fiercely competitive on offering their consumers a superior banking experience.

Millennial Capital closes USD 3 million seed round for retail and consumer products investment strategy

VC firm Millennial Capital announced at the end of last month that it has launched a retail and ​consumer ​products ​investment ​structure, targeting the​ ​development of franchisees and/or acquisition of high growth brands operating in emerging markets, including the GCC​.

Millennial Partners announces its first investment in the retail sector

United Arab Emirates: KRUZIN, an urban luxury sneaker brand, is all set to mark its step in GCC by partnering with Millennial Partners & Co, a specialist retail and consumer products investment firm based in Dubai.